"Lingalad's music resembles the music a forest might make, or the rising sun or an approaching storm might create, if we could hear it. It is music that tells more that just stories, it evokes the worlds-of-the-mind that create myth and legend. The right words to describe it are not words about sound, only words about sight will do – brightness and shadow, dawn, mist and rain"
John Howe, Oscar-winning conceptual designer of Peter Jackson's The Lords of the Rings

In 2001 Giuseppe Festa gave life to his band Lingalad, whereof he is composer and singer. In 2003 the band was invited to the première of Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King in Canada. During that event the Italian band premiered their first album, Voci dalla Terra di Mezzo - Voices from Middle Earth, which was particularly appreciated by Priscilla Tolkien, the Oxford teacher's daughter.

In 2003 a new album, Il Canto degli Alberi - The Singing of the Trees, was released. It was an instrumental album dedicated to the forests of the National Park of Abruzzo. The album took second place in the national music contest hosted by TOAST RECORDS. The album also received an award at the Meeting of Independent Music (M.E.I.) in Faenza.

In 2005 Lingalad presented the album Lo spirito delle foglie - The Spirit of the Leaves, which broke with the Tolkienesque fantasy world. Here, the band set to music thoughts and emotions of small and big natural elements, overturning the anthropocentric perception of reality.
In 2008 Bastogi Publishing House published the biography of the band, La musica dei Lingalad: da Tolkien ai segreti della Natura - Lingalad's Music: from Tolkien to the Secrets of Nature, written by journalist Donato Zoppo.

In 2009 Lingalad's music video Il vecchio lupo - The Old Wolf, directed by Francesco Piccioli, with photography by Gigi Palumbo, won the RADIO LIFE Gate contest 'Talents for Nature'. This video and other works are contained in the DVD I sentieri di Lingalad - The Paths of Lingalad (2004).

In 2010 the album La Locanda del Vento - The Inn of the Wind (Lizard Records) was released. In a folk-rock style, it tells stories and legends of a forgotten Italy. In the August of the same year Giuseppe Festa was interviewed by actor and presenter Bruce Hopkins for New Zealand's RADIO LIVE.

In 2012 Giuseppe performed the leading role (as a traveller-musician) in the documentary "Oltre la Frontiera," filmed in Wyoming and South Dakota by the Piccioli Brothers. The documentary won the 23rd International Rovereto Film Festival, in the Archeology and Society category.

In 2013 he published his first book Il passaggio dell'orso – The Coming of the Bear (Salani Editore), "a beautiful tale" according to acclaimed author Dacia Maraini "which celebrates Nature without lacking in respect for human beings."
In 2014 he published the book L'ombra del gattopardo – In the Pard's Shadow (Salani Editore) and in 2015 the children's novel Incubo a occhi aperti - A Living Nightmare (Piemme). Giuseppe Festa's books have also been published abroad and translated into many languages.

In 2015 Lingalad released a new album called Confini armonici – Harmonic borders. All lyrics were inspired by Festa's novels, The Coming of the Bear and In the Pard's Shadow. The video of the song Occhi d'ambra, directed by Mauro Cartapani, was a finalist at the SeeYouSound International Festival 2015.

The publishing of a new novel by Festa, La luna è dei lupi (The Moon Belongs To The Wolves) has been announced for 2016.

Giuseppe Festa (voices and flutes)
Giorgio Parato (drums)
Claudio Morlotti (ethnic instruments from 2000 to 2012)
Fabio Ardizzone (bass from 2000 to 2012)
Andrea Denaro (ethnic instruments since 2013)
Luca Pierpaoli (acoustic guitar)
Dario Canato (bass since 2013)
Giacomo "Giandil" D'Alessandro (guitar since 2017)